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Brendan Dennis


Yes, after many years of searching, Brendan can finally say he is definitely descended from a convict (of course, we've all seen the similarity!).

Gowan PICKERING (Brendan's great, great, great, great maternal grandfather) was born in Yorkshire, England around 1773.  In 1813 he was tried at the York Assizes, and sent to Sydney Australia for life imprisonment.  He was listed as - height 5 foot six and three quarters, sallow complexion, silvered grey hair, balding with hazel eyes. 

In 1814 he arrived in Sydney Australia on the convict ship "Somersetshire" aged 55, and obtained a Ticket of Leave and was a tenant of Botany, Sydney, NSW 

 He settled at a place called Green Cottage, Salt pan Creek, Cooks River, Sydney. He married Mary Ann TOFT in 1821 in Parramatta, Sydney, Australia and proceeded to have five children. Although he must have lived a life filled with hard physical labour, Gowan managed to survive until the ripe old age of 90 years.  

Note: Gowan was also known as Cohen.

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