Michelle Dennis Family History Research

Family History Research Service

To really know yourself you need to understand who your ancestors were – where they came from, what they did and why, and what their lives were like. Who and what sort of people they were, is part of what has made you who you are today.

What I do, is find the details that give you more knowledge of your ancestors. Once you have talked with all your relatives and collected all the birth, marriage and death certificates you can, I can begin to construct the story of your ancestors. If you don't have much information to begin with, that is fine too.

I believe that this understanding of one’s heritage should be available to everyone and not just those who have the time and willingness to learn how to do genealogical research. With advances in technology and the availability of reliable online sources of information learning more about your family tree is closer than you think.

I can also enter the information found into a Family History program and can produce family group sheets, pedigree charts, genealogy reports, etc.

Have a read of my family history blog that details the lives of my ancestors that lived in the Boho, Violet Town and Warrenbayne area of Victoria.